how Domestic sewage treatment plant operates: The domestic sewage treatment plant is an All-in-one device; a plant that has two or more compartment depending on the technology. all contained in a single enclosure. the station collects all the wastewater from the building and transports it first to the first compartment then to the settling tankContinue reading “DOMESTIC SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT VS BIO-TOILET SYSTEM”


Bio-toilet system is quite different from conventional septic Tank systems,pit latrine or sewage treatment saves lot of water and helps in keeping the environment clean. bio-digester technology treats human waste at the source. a collection of anaerobic bacteria that has been adapted to work at temperature as low as 5 degree Celsius and asContinue reading “BIO-TOILET ;TOP 11 ADVANTAGES.”


What actually comes to your mind when choosing cement for your project ?. just like medicine, if you are diagnose with malaria or high fever their is a particular drug recommendation from your physician to treat it ,likewise your project,The type of project determine the type of cement to be used. example: cement used inContinue reading “THE BEST CEMENT FOR YOUR PROJECT.”

CIVIL engineer services; Normal and Additional Services- Nigeria

To engage the services of a civil engineer in your project, it is equally important to understand the scope of professional services rendered by the civil engineer, these services will be classified into two; Normal services and Additional Services just like Architect services. it is also good to know when he act as a primeContinue reading “CIVIL engineer services; Normal and Additional Services- Nigeria”

Architect Services; normal and additional services – Nigeria.

When you intend to engage an Architect to help you realize that dream project,be informed that their is scope of professional services rendered by the Architect which will be classified into two; normal Services and Additional Services. Before we go into the services of an Architect. It is good to know when the Architect isContinue reading “Architect Services; normal and additional services – Nigeria.”

Home Design factors

During design of your home lots of factors has to be considered in order to make it more habitable and comfortable. 6 Factors influencing design of a home. Thease factors are: SITE CHARACTERISTICS: site characteristics entails topography, prevailing wind, nature of soil and climatic factors.while Topography determines weather the building shall have normal foundation ifContinue reading “Home Design factors”

Top 6 parties in building construction and their Duties in Nigeria

There are many parties involved in the complex operation of building design and construction in Nigeria. These parties can be classified into three groups: the client who may be individual, a local authority, a government parastatal, a community, the government ministry or any other corporate body; the consultant who may be the Architect, structural/ civilContinue reading “Top 6 parties in building construction and their Duties in Nigeria”

4 Easy way to reduce Energy bill.

 There are many ways you can Reduce  cost of electricity bill  in your home. 4 ways to reduce energy bill (1) Appliance and Electronics;  Purchase energy-efficient products and operate them efficiently.choosing appliances that are Energy-efficient can save you lot of money, like fridges,freezers, television, washing machine, dishwasher,water heater, air-condition, Etc. Always check “Energy-efficiency” rating ofContinue reading “4 Easy way to reduce Energy bill.”