Yes it must not be clumsy or too busy before it is beautiful,the more simple and unique the better.All you need in that sitting or living room is planning, organization and re-arranging of the space with most fited finishes,furniture and appliances.

Top 33 simple and unique living room Design ideas

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Essentially, economic considerations led Architects and building developers to seek alternatives to the conventional fossil fuel sources of energy. Today equal emphasis is placed on the ecological necessity for change by means of energy conscious constructions.

what is solar Architecture?

Solar Architecture is an architectural approach that takes in account of the sun to harness clean and renewable solar power.

components of solar Architecture

  • Energy balance of buildings ; Solar energy is availiable free of charge to every building. unfotunately , in many climatic areas solar radiation is very low, so that is the reason for other forms of energy to be a must-used for room heating, hot water, lighting and for the operation of electrical appliances. The greatest energy losses from a building arise duo to the conduction of heat through windows, walls, ceilings and roofs.
  • Considerations of energy conscious construction; There are three fundamental points which lead to a considerable reduction in the energy requirement of a domestic building: (1) Reduction of heat losses (2) Increase in energy saving through the use of solar radiation (3) Conscious efforts by users to improve the energy balance. The choice of building location itself can reduce the heat losses from a building. Within a small area in a region, conditions will vary; example. wind and temperature conditions vary with the altitude of a building site. Relatively favourable microclimatic conditions result on south-facing slopes when the area of ground is situated on the upper third of the slope but away from the crest of the hill. The shape of the building plays an important role in terms of energy conscious construction. The outer surface of the building is in direct contact with the external climate and gives up valuable energy to the outside air. The design of the building should ensure that the smallest possible external surface is presented to the outside air in relation to the volume of the building. The shape to be aimed for is a cube, although a hemisphere is the ideal case. However, this ideal assumption applies only to a detached house.
  • organisation of the ground plan; In the passive utilisation of solar energy, the heat is utilised through direct incident radiation and heat storage in specific structural components such as walls and floors. Because of the conditions under which solar energy is used passively, the arrangement of the ground plan necessarily follows a particular logical layout. The continuously used living and sleeping area should be south-facing and provided with large window areas. It is useful to provide glazed structures in these living and sleeping areas. There are three important reasons for this: (1) Extension of the living area. (2) Gain in solar energy (3) Provision of a thermal buffer zone . The little- used low-temperature unheated rooms, with low naturallight requirement should be north-facing . They act as a buffer zone between the warm living area and the cold outside climate.
  • use of solar energy: In the use of solar energy, a distinction is drawn between the active and passive use of solar energy. The active use of solar energy necessitates the application of equipment such as solar collectors, pipework,collector vessels circulation pumps for the transfer of the solar energy . This system entails large investment and maintenance costs which must be recovered solely by saving in the cost of energy as a result, such systems cannot be operated economically in single family houses.

The passive use of solar energy necessitates the use of specifc structural components as heat stores, such as walls, ceilings and glazed units. The efficiency of this system depends on specific factors: (1) Climatic conditions; mean monthly temperature, solar geometry and incident solar radiation, hours of sunshine and level of incident energy radiation (2) Method of using the solar energy ; indirect useage,direct useage (3) Choice of materials; absorption capability of the surface and heat storage capability of the materials.

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A bathroom is an enclosed space in the building for personal hygiene activities,generally containing toilet, wc, basin and either a bathtub, a shower or both.

Arrange your bathroom to suit what you desired for irrespective of available space in your home,office or any other building structure all you need is to plan, design ,arrange or organize it to suit your can buy quality water closet to replace the old one here



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When you hustle and make the money dont forget to treat yourself like a king or queen,take time to plan,design, organize and arrange that precious space in the home,where you can relax and attend to visitors.

With these 12 LUXURY Living room design ideas you can do the magic;

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Home Design factors

During design of your home lots of factors has to be considered in order to make it more habitable and comfortable.

6 Factors influencing design of a home.

Thease factors are:

  • SITE CHARACTERISTICS: site characteristics entails topography, prevailing wind, nature of soil and climatic factors.while Topography determines weather the building shall have normal foundation if the site is fairly level or stepped foundation and split level if the site is slopy. The nature of the soil particularly, difficult soils with settlement problems deserve special foundation footing. The prevailing wind and solar radiation influences the orientation of buildings. Climatic factors such as temperature, humidity and air-velocity may also influence the choice of materials that would resist adverse effect of climat induced elements such as thermal movement, moisture movement and resistance to chemical attack.
  • TOWN PLANNING AUTHORITY REGULATIONS: This also influences the design of building in terms of set backs, coverage area, and air space around the building and easments. furthermore, it also influence the minimum standards in working and living spaces of individuals as well as providing buildings that shall ensure the safety and health of the occupants.
  • MATERIALS: The availability of materials in the locality also influence building design. The specification of materials outside the locality may increase the cost of procuring buildings. It is better to design building with particular attension to available local materials.
  • LABOUR: Where skill labour is not readily available in the locality, it means bringing labour from outside. And where there is cost constraints, it is advisable to design buildings with local labour in mind.
  • CULTURE: Culture differs from one place to the other so also is the design of building that will suit cultural differences. for example;The design of buildings for a Moslem culture entails seperating the female occupants from male visitors and building are designed accordingly. In Christain societies that are more liberal may require a different approach in the design of buildings since there is relative interactions between males and females.
  • CLIMATE: In areas where there is high rainfall, temperature and humidity, buildings require steep roofs to drain rainwater, adequate window opening for ventilation and relatively longer eave projections or over hangs to reduce the admission of solar radiation into the building room space. Conversely, in areas with low rainfall, high temperature, low humidity and high wind velocity, flat roof may be suitable. The size of window openings may also be reduced to conserve energy during the cold periods as well as reducing the impact of excessive wind velocity which sometimes carry dust into the internal room space.

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Lighting or illumination is the delibrate use of light to achieve pratical or aesthetic effects. It can be natural light like sun shines or artificial light sources like lamp.

Native ceiling light is a lighting fixtures, including pendant lighting, chandeliers, track lights etc that can be used to light-up room spaces like sitting or living rooms, bed rooms, kitchen, dining areas and work places.

Native ceiling lights has its own uniqueness among any other lighting fixtures.


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Epoxy floor is one of the basic components or cured end product of epoxy resins.

Epoxy resins also known as polyepoxides; are a class of reactive prepolymers and polymers which contains epoxide groups.

Epoxy resins are used in the manufacture of adhesive, plastic, paints, coatings, primers and sealers, flooring and other products and materials that are used in building and construction application.


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Door knob or Door handle is a mechanism use to open or close a can also refer as a handle on a door that turned to release the latch.


Top 22 door handle beyond imagination

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Wash hand basin is a bowl-shaped vessel; used for washing hand, it can be in the toilet,dining area,resturant or fastfood etc.

wash hand basin comes in different designs and size, some where designed to have storage cupboard or cabinets where you can keep your toot paste,toot brush,gels, cream and many more.


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