Cooking gas (LPG) cylinder is a time bomb we are living with in our home, you need to know how to keep it safe for your safety.

Expired cooking gas cylinder are not safe for use and may cause fire incident or heavy explosion in our be cautious at the time of buying any LPG gas cylinder from the vendor and always check for the expiry date both the one you are buying or the one you already bought.

How to check expiry date of gas cylinder

some people hardly check the expiry date coded in the cooking gas cylinder either because they don’t know that gas cylinder also expires or they don’t know where to find the expiry date and how to interpret the coded Numbers.

here is how to check it; The expiry date of LPG cylinder can be found on one of the metal strips or stem that connect the body of the cylinder to the top ring (handle)

the strip or stem has coded alphabets from A to D along with a number like in the picture above. The alphabet represents the month it expires while the number indicates the year. the alphabets A to D represent a year divided into four Quarters. while;

  • A = January to March (1st quarter).
  • B = April to June (2nd quarter).
  • C = July to September (3rd quarter).
  • D = October to December (4th quarter)

example; D-06 written in the gas cylinder in picture above means that it expired in December 2006. while the one written B.13 in the picture above indicates that it expired in June 2013.

14 safety tips for LPG gas cylinder

  • keep the cylinder in well ventilated place. (preferably outside)
  • keep the cylinder in a vertical position unless specifically designed to be used otherwise.
  • Don’t tilt the cylinder in other to draw the last bit of gas inside.
  • Do not drop, roll or drag gas cylinder, it can cause explosion
  • Store gas cylinder in a dry, safe place on a flat surface in the open air.
  • When the gas is not in use , close the cylinder valve.
  • Do not shake the cylinder to determine level of gas consumed, instead apply water on the cylinder body it will show you the level of gas by temperature touch.
  • Do not use electric burner and gas burner inside the kitchen at the same time.
  • Do not allow rain or water to soak the cylinder which will make it to rust.
  • Buy and install gas detector device ,it will raise alarm any time gas is leaking.
  • For a gas that is not Automatic ignition,hold a lighted match-stick over the burner and then turn on the knob.
  • Do not use your phone in the kitchen ,phone radiation can cause fire outbreak if the cylinder has any leakage.
  • switching on the kitchen light when gas is leaking will ignite fire, so always observe smell of gas before switching on the kitchen light.
  • Get fire extinguisher and fire service emergency number in your home in case of fire outbreak.

Stay safe.

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