The term Drum or Barrel can be refer to roughly cylindrical containers made of modern materials like plastic,paperboard, steel and aluminium.

Drum or barrel have a variety of uses, including storage of liquide such as water, oil, alcohol, arrack and sake, they are also employed to hold maturing beverage such as wine, cognac, armagnac,sherry,port, whisky and beer.It can also be used as a standard size of measure refering to a set capacity or weight of a given commodity.

For the sake of this Re-cycling design ideas we are limiting the use of Drum or barrel to the ones made of steel or Aluminium materials.

Think of local content and how to put them into- use. Re-cycling of Drum or barrel as a local content and putting them into-use in our home, shelter and outdoors was a great ideas to curb wastage of our scarce resources.

Top 29 drum (barrel) re-cycle design ideas.

Think local cotent, think innovative

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